Collaborative Practice

In family law matters, a process is available, known as collaborative practice, where a divorcing couple, together with trained professionals – attorneys, child specialists, divorce coaches, and financial specialists – works as a team to resolve disputes respectfully and without going to court.

The collaborative practice approach to divorce begins with a commitment by both spouses not to take their divorce into the courtroom, and instead come to an agreement voluntarily which is best for both of them. Because it relies on confidential meetings which encourage transparency, honesty, and open communication, the collaborative model allows the couple to discern which arrangements regarding division of property, child custody, child support, spousal support, and visitation will be most beneficial, and choose them.

The collaborative family process offers the parties the ability to keep their discussions private, communicate more effectively about their concerns and goals, and to use a wider range of options than might be available if the parties went to court. The parties also learn to work cooperatively during and after the process. Collaborative family processes discourage the often destructive and divisive war created by litigation. The goal is to approach conflicts in a healthy manner so that parties are not immediately polarized against each other, triggering denials and defenses and other counter-productive actions.

We offer collaborative practice services to assist individuals who may be going through divorces throughout the Central Valley, Sacramento, and Greater Bay Area. Please contact our office for additional details on this process.

Attorney Joel Carash is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group and the San Joaquin County Collaborative Practice Group.

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