Automobile Accidents and Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents happen suddenly. If you are involved in an accident it is important that you understand your rights. Immediately contact the police and your insurance carrier and advise them of the accident. Take pictures of your car and the accident scene. Write down any witness?s names and addresses and telephone numbers.

If the accident was another driver?s fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Our auto accident lawyers and attorneys have been helping accident victims for over 30 years. The law requires you to prove that another person caused the accident in which you were injured. We understand car accidents. We thoroughly investigate and use experts to assess fault. We will fight to help you win your case. Most likely, the insurance company for the person who caused the accident will try to offer you less than full compensation. Hiring our law firm can level the playing field. We have the expertise needed to protect your rights to receive full compensation.

What if I was a pedestrian?
Pedestrians share many of the same rights that drivers of vehicles share. If you were a pedestrian, and you were injured by an automobile or other motor-vehicle, the party responsible for the injury will normally be required to compensate you for your losses, regardless of whether or not you are insured.

What if I was a passenger?
Passengers are often injured in car accidents. In many cases, passengers have the same right to recover from the at-fault driver as the driver does. If the passenger owns a car, or resides with a relative that owns a car, then that family members automobile insurance policy may provide coverage for the passenger even if that car wasn?t involved in the accident.

What if the other driver does not have insurance?
Uninsured motorist coverage may protect you. The rules involving uninsured motorist coverage are complex. An insurance company is unlikely to thoroughly explain those rules or offer you all of the compensation you may be legally due. We understand California uninsured motorist coverage and can make sure you are fairly compensated.

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